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Personalise Christening Invitations, Birthday Invitations and More at Impressive Invitations

Impressive Invitations offers you a great fantastic range of invites and cards to leave a lasting impression for all of your events worth celebrating. From baby invitations that includes baby shower invitations, birth announcements cards and all birthday invitations, to bridal shower invitations, hens and bucks parties, christening invitations, as well as Christmas cards, these beautiful creations can cater to your every party and event.

Here at Impressive Invitations, we know how important and special it is to receive a truly unique creation celebrating life´s special events. Browse, search and find your ideal designs, that can all be personalised, and share them with your family and friends. With the selections that we offer, in a multitude of colours, you will not be disappointed. Not only can you personalise the text and wording of your cards and invites, but you can also choose the font facing, alter colours, layouts and even insert your own photo to make your invitation truly unique and special.

With Impressive Invitations, you get the convenience of a 3-day production, before your order is sent to you via Australia Express Post. We also have free shipping on samples and conditional orders, as well as an unconditional guarantee that assures you that you are getting the best and highest quality designs and creations of invitations and cards. We will help you find your ideal design, customise and proof it, bringing your creation to perfection before they are printed and delivered to your doorstep. From photographic cards, to address labels on envelopes, we make sure that everything is in its right place - to perfection - so that you need not worry. With a few simple clicks, you will find yourself with hassle free invitations and cards.

Recent Posts
  • How to Throw a Great Party

    Looking to throw a great party? Planning it will take time and some thought! Party planning includes a list of items that need to be taken care of before the day of the party. Whichever celebration you are after, you can choose a theme to style the party around for aesthetic appeal. This week, we have a few great tips and party ideas to help you throw a great party!


    There are many places to draw inspiration from. Just look around! However, if you are looking to impress, you can draw inspiration for your party from the likes of an era and making it extra wonderful by making sure to get the details right. For instance, if you were to throw a Roaring Twenties party, you can be inspired by the 1920s! At the party, you may be required to dress up accordingly and feature various decorative items to reflect it. The first giveaway clue to this would be with your party invitations when you have them designed that way, with the help of Impressive Invitations!

    If you are not a fan of a specific era, then you can draw your party inspiration elsewhere, such as from a culture, song, even a book or the movies! If you are looking at a cultural inspiration, then choosing party food, games, music and decorative may be inspired by it all!

    Before deciding on throwing a great party, you would have a faint idea on what your party may be like Since, you are the host, then you set the time .If you had chosen a specific time, you may have counted on that time to be forgiving on the things you have planned. One of the best ways to figure out the best time would be for you to decide to have the party around your most favourite time of the day. If you love the idea of brunch, then a brunch party may be perfect! Alternatively, tea time, or even dinner, it is all up to you! You can chosen between breakfast (10am), brunch/morning tea (11am-12:30pm), lunch (1pm), afternoon tea (2-5pm), dusk (5-7pm), dinner (7-8:30pm) or 8:30pm onwards for your big party!


    If you are budgeting for a venue, look at throwing the party in your backyard. However, alternatively, you can theme your party elsewhere! Choosing a park venue may be ideal, where you can draw inspiration from the surroundings! Another option would be a winery, which offers both food and beverages too! You can speak the relevant personnel about doing up the place to accommodate your theme and style, and get going on transforming the venue to your party vision!

    Image Credit: Your Santa Barbara Real Estate Blog, Socialinaustincom

  • Planning the Perfect Bucks Party

    Throwing the perfect buck’s party may be a tall order! If it is up to you as the best man to throw it together, are you up for the challenge? We have some ideas to planning the perfect buck’s party! It’s an age old tradition, and if you are looking to send your best bud off with a bang, then here’s how you do it. Forget the traditional party ideas; look high and low for the experiences that will truly amaze not just the groom, but also everyone invited. Here’s how!


    The Wedding Dates


    Drinking Bucks Party


    First off, confirm the date of the wedding. No matter what you do, as best man, you need to make sure the groom doesn’t miss his wedding day! Also, make sure that there is enough time for the groom and everyone else to recover from the fun. Giving yourself enough time to organise the buck’s party will go a long way to a great time!


    Tentative Dates


    Water Sports Bucks Party


    Speaking to the groom of his ideas of what the perfect buck’s party would be a good place to start. It is important that the groom isn’t pressured into doing things he doesn’t want to do. Once you have an idea of what you want to do, make sure whatever you do plan is no closer than two weeks before the big day. Think tentative dates for the big do! Confer with the hubby-to-be and get a baseline of when he is free. Don’t forget that he IS planning a wedding and he may be needed for wedding related tasks. While the idea of whisking him away would seem fun, getting the bride in on some of the plans such as finding out when he is available would be great. There may be the issue of not everyone being able to attend the buck’s party, but as long as the dates  are convenient to the VIP, then that’s fine!


    Sending out the Invites


    Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH


    Figuring out whom to invite is another thing. You need to make sure you have a list! The groom may have a variety of friends in his life, and more and more buck’s parties even include inviting family (such as the groom’s father and even the bride’s). However, if you are planning to invite the dads, then make sure to speak to the groom beforehand. Figure out his closest friends, as best man (and best bud), you should have this in the bag. If you need a little help, speaking to his wife-to-be or family can be helpful, especially if you would like to invite people who are not in your circle of friends. Keeping the size manageable is important, as you need to send buck’s party invitations to them all and inform them how they can contribute to the party!


    Throwing a Buck’s Weekend Party


    Surfing Bucks Party Ideas


    Weekend parties are great for many reasons. It allows everyone to have fun without requiring time off from work, and allows you enough time to reenergise before heading back home. Weekend getaways make for even more fun as you can travel. If you are looking for some great buck’s party ideas, check out our blog on “Throwing an Unconventional Hens and Buck’s Party”! If you have chosen to travel, make sure that you don’t travel too far!


    Image Credit: Gobananas World, Southern Pursuits, bsar, Phuket Buck Parties

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