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The 5 Secrets Behind Creating Unique Invitations

Whether it’s a birthday celebration, farewell party or Christmas party event there are a few secrets to giving your invitations that added ‘wow’ factor.

Top 5 Secrets to making impressive, unique invitations:

Personalise everything: By addressing your invitations to each individual guest or couple, and having their names printed on the invites, you are really showing them that you have taken the care and put in the extra effort to personalise each invitation. This is something your guests will certainly appreciate and is often the difference between an ordinary invitation, and an impressive one.

Team with the theme: Your invitations need to let your guests know what to expect of your event. So if you have a theme, use it in your invitations! If you are hosting a Halloween party, do some research and look at some creative ways to word the party details. Address people as count and countess. Have fun with it! If you are having a themed event, it’s also important that you use your invitations to let your guests know exactly how you’d like them to dress.

Get creative with invitation design: Who says the wording on your invitations can’t be printed in hot pink? Change up your online invitation design by having them print your invitations using a colourful font. Just make sure that you can read the information properly on the background you’ve chosen.

The little extras: Hosting a new years eve party? Why not include a party hat with the invite or fill the envelop with glitter so that when your guest opens it, they’ll get a real impression of how fabulous your party will be. Taking the time to wrap your invites closed with matching ribbon or sticking on cute embellishments can make all the difference. For high tea events, a cute cupcake sticker used to close the envelop can add that little something extra, you were looking for.

Think outside the square (or oblong): Who says your invitations need to be a certain shape? Hosting a masquerade dinner party for your 30th? Why not make the invitations in the shape of a mask? Your guests will love it!

So there you have it! The top 5 secrets to creating event invitations that will ‘wow’ and impress your guests. Now go forth and be creative!

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