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Throwing an Unconventional Hens and Bucks Party

 A hens and bucks party is the Australian equivalent to a bachelorette or bachelor party. It is essentially a pre-wedding celebration amongst friends thrown in honour of the bride and groom. If you are looking for something out of the norm for an unconventional hens and bucks party, then we have a few ideas to make it a memorable time for the bride or groom-to-be (and your group of friends too)!


Often, respective hens and bucks parties are held individually, but there is no reason why it cannot be held together (as a co-ed event). These are some ideas for throwing an unconventional Hens and Bucks party especially if the couple is part of a tight knit group. Whilst outdoor inspired hens and bucks parties have been done before, making sure both parties and their friends are all making the same memories can be exactly what the bride and groom wanted. Here are some ideas for your inspiration!


Hot-Air Ballooning




If you are looking to share great memories before your close friends tie the knot, this is a great choice. As a close group of friends, everyone can enjoy and mark a great moment before the couple’s new adventure begins. Catch the sunset up in the air by renting out hot air balloons and toasting to the future of the couple, followed by dinner once back on the ground.


Cave Exploration




If you and the couple are part of a group of adventurous friends, then putting together a cave exploration trip would be a great experience altogether. There are many locations in Australia to explore cave such as Jenolan Caves, Capricorn Caves, and Naracoote to name a few.


Stargazing and Camping




Once again, if you and your friends love the outdoors, a camping trip would be ideal coupled with a night of stargazing! Set up a campfire, share stories, and drink beer while taking in the beauty of the lights above. This trip will be one that you all will remember for years!


Hot Springs Visits




If the bride (and groom) loves the idea of visiting a hot springs destination, then sign them up! Enjoy and pamper yourselves with the great outdoors such as at the Peninsula Hot Springs while taking in the sights!


Don’t forget that Impressive Invitations has a great range of party invitations that can be customised to suit a hens and bucks party theme of your choosing.


Image Credit: Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats, Atlanta Hot  Air Balloons, The Nomadic Explorers, Natanvigna Photography

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