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Planning the Perfect Bucks Party

Throwing the perfect buck’s party may be a tall order! If it is up to you as the best man to throw it together, are you up for the challenge? We have some ideas to planning the perfect buck’s party! It’s an age old tradition, and if you are looking to send your best bud off with a bang, then here’s how you do it. Forget the traditional party ideas; look high and low for the experiences that will truly amaze not just the groom, but also everyone invited. Here’s how!


The Wedding Dates


Drinking Bucks Party


First off, confirm the date of the wedding. No matter what you do, as best man, you need to make sure the groom doesn’t miss his wedding day! Also, make sure that there is enough time for the groom and everyone else to recover from the fun. Giving yourself enough time to organise the buck’s party will go a long way to a great time!


Tentative Dates


Water Sports Bucks Party


Speaking to the groom of his ideas of what the perfect buck’s party would be a good place to start. It is important that the groom isn’t pressured into doing things he doesn’t want to do. Once you have an idea of what you want to do, make sure whatever you do plan is no closer than two weeks before the big day. Think tentative dates for the big do! Confer with the hubby-to-be and get a baseline of when he is free. Don’t forget that he IS planning a wedding and he may be needed for wedding related tasks. While the idea of whisking him away would seem fun, getting the bride in on some of the plans such as finding out when he is available would be great. There may be the issue of not everyone being able to attend the buck’s party, but as long as the dates  are convenient to the VIP, then that’s fine!


Sending out the Invites


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Figuring out whom to invite is another thing. You need to make sure you have a list! The groom may have a variety of friends in his life, and more and more buck’s parties even include inviting family (such as the groom’s father and even the bride’s). However, if you are planning to invite the dads, then make sure to speak to the groom beforehand. Figure out his closest friends, as best man (and best bud), you should have this in the bag. If you need a little help, speaking to his wife-to-be or family can be helpful, especially if you would like to invite people who are not in your circle of friends. Keeping the size manageable is important, as you need to send buck’s party invitations to them all and inform them how they can contribute to the party!


Throwing a Buck’s Weekend Party


Surfing Bucks Party Ideas


Weekend parties are great for many reasons. It allows everyone to have fun without requiring time off from work, and allows you enough time to reenergise before heading back home. Weekend getaways make for even more fun as you can travel. If you are looking for some great buck’s party ideas, check out our blog on “Throwing an Unconventional Hens and Buck’s Party”! If you have chosen to travel, make sure that you don’t travel too far!


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