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For the ultimate personal touch, transform  birthday invitations into memorable keepsakes by customising the invitation design to include memorable and fun pictures of the birthday boy or girl! When choosing pictures to include in photo birthday invitations, there are a few guidelines and tips you should keep in mind to ensure great images that reflect the personality and interests of the honouree.

Photo Birthday Invitations - Impressive Invitations

A simple and easy way to give guests a sneak preview at what they can expect at the celebration, is to use a photo that includes a glimpse of the location of the party or the main activity. For instance, if paintballing is the main feature, include a picture of the birthday star splattered with paint and carrying a paintball gun in the photo birthday invitation.  For a versatile pool party, get creative and include a fun image in of the child paddling in the pool or for an adult birthday invitation have the chief guest spread out on a sunbed sipping a cocktail.


For a formal celebration or a milestone birthday event, you may want to use an elegant portrait style picture taken by a professional photographer. However, we’re fans of more candid and fun images that are more unique, capture the moment and do a better a job of reflecting the personality of the birthday star. While we’re all about capturing the moment, it’s important to remember to avoid including embarrassing images of a child in their photo birthday invitations - as cute as they may be, try not to include bath time pictures of your child!


To capture a great image for photo birthday invitations, keep your digital camera on hand and try to take close up images that are sharp, clear and bright. If you prefer taking planned shots, avoid taking pictures with cluttered backgrounds as it moves  the focus away from the birthday boy or girl. For a fun touch use costumes and creative props to reflect the theme such as a princess wand, pirate eye patch  or even a general birthday hat.


For a milestone birthday invitation, include multiple pictures in the form of a collage  showing how a child has grown over the years. Adorable and easy to put together, these photo birthday invitations are guaranteed to make a lasting impression that will  be treasured by loved ones.


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