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How to Throw a Cocktail Party

The great thing about a cocktail party is that you can invite just about anyone. Cocktail parties can be hosted for family, friends and even business colleagues and associates. That may be why throwing a cocktail party is popular choice for entertaining. If you are looking for tips on how to throw a cocktail party, you are in luck! We have a few suggestions and ideas for you!


The Cocktail Party Details




By finalising the date and time of the cocktail party and your guest list, you can send out the cocktail party invitations. Setting the time of the party is important and you should be aware that cocktail parties are usually two to three hours long and held between 6pm and 10pm. If you have decided on inviting children, it is important that you plan to keep them entertained too. Often readying a room with books, movies, or activities is ideal. If you have a swimming pool at home, make sure to let your guests know that they can bring their swimwear too!


The Drinks


Cocktail Party Drinks Ingrediants


The drinks menu is very important. After all, it is a cocktail party. If you have decided on serving a specific list of drinks, make sure that you are well stocked. For instance, a range of spirits such as vodka, rum, gin, scotch, bourbon, blended whiskey, and even tequila, as well as a variety of mixers and garnishes. It is also important that you stock enough ice such as 500g of ice per guest plus more for chilling your drinks too. Also, make sure you have enough glasses for the variety of drinks you are planning on serving. You can opt to hire glasses from a catering supplies company and have wine glasses for the wines, water glasses, juice and spirit tumblers, highball, and martini glasses too!


If you are serving wine, it is best to prepare them in advance. We suggest you uncork the bottles and replace the corks. With red wine, it is best to let them breathe! Ideally, when it comes to stocking your bar, think about the crowd and their drinking preferences. Consider getting one wine bottle for every two people and a variety of reds and whites. If you are planning to have beer, consider one six-pack for every two people.


The Food

Cocktail Party Food Bruschetta

While it is a cocktail party, food is also important; therefore have a variety of meat and vegetarian options as well as hot, cold, and spicy dishes. In the event you are not hosting dinner after the cocktail party, estimate six bites per guest or more as it is a good rule of thumb to have more food than not enough. Also, offer coffee before the guests leave!


Be Prepared


Cocktail Party Taxi Service


As it IS a cocktail party, be responsible and do not let your guests drive home. Keep a list of taxi companies handy to make sure they get home safe.


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