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Elegant Bridal Shower Ideas

If you are looking to plan a great party for your best friend as she counts down to her wedding day, then you may find these ideas helpful. Elegant bridal showers are a great for brides who are conservative and want to opt out of a night out. These classy bridal showers are also ideal when you want to invite more people than just close friends do. Whilst bachelorette parties or hen nights are usually reserved for friends, bridal showers are open to relatives and even the soon-to-be in-laws too. Therefore, planning something sophisticated and elegant would be a great way to do so! Here are some elegant and classy bridal shower ideas!

Tasting Bridal Shower

Elegant Bridal Shower Tasting Party

This is not just any wine tasting; it is actually more sophisticated where you are not just limited to wine. You can choose from the various gourmet options available to you, from chocolates, cheese, microbrews and wine too! Many professionals can help you plan an event of this sort. As party bombonieres, you can stay within the theme and include glassware, gourmet nibbles and more. You can also have invitees contribute to a bridal shower gift that will complement the bride’s exquisite taste in gourmet food.

Beauty Bridal Shower

Elegant Bridal Shower Spa Beauty Party

This is not just another spa day with the girlfriends! It is the real deal! As wedding planning is a stressful period, what better way for those who are involved to have a day of pampering! You can opt for a spa day, with aromatherapy, facials, and beauty treatments and even go as far as hiring a masseuse or manicurist too to make sure everyone is well rested and pampered by the end of the bridal shower!

Foodie Bridal Shower

Elegant Bridal Shower Foodie Party

If the bride loves food, then this may be the best bridal shower for her! This involves getting the guest of honour cooking lessons at one of her favourite restaurants to learn something new, followed by a great meal with the chef in company. Bridal shower gifts can be items from her wish list or even items that a foodie home cook will dream of having!

Fangirl Bridal Shower

Elegant Bridal Shower Fangirl Party

If you want the bride-to-be to have an experience of a lifetime how about making one of her fangirl dreams come true. Make a celebrity encounter happen after a concert. Be sure to leave out the encounter until moment before so she really has a great surprise. Other personalised option of a fangirl shower would include marathons of her favourite movie ending with an epic bridal shower gift featuring signed memorabilia from the stars!

Image Credits: Just Jared,  Beauty News NYC, The Bach, Pinterest

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