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The months leading up to the wedding are always a little stressful and often busy for the bride and groom, that’s why their friends and loved ones put together some great parties to honour them as well as for them to let off some steam. You’ll need some party invitations for get-togethers such as a hens night, or a bucks night, even a bridal shower, they are all welcome. As a friend putting it all together, you can get a hold of some ideal hens night invitations, bridal shower invitations, or even customise an invite design to fit the party you have in mind. We’ve put together some ideas for a bride and groom parties that are hosted the world over for some inspiration! Keep reading and get cracking on those plans!


Bridal Showers, Hens Nights, and Kitchen Tea Dos

A bride usually has her hands full with all the planning underway and the million little details she wants to have on her special day.  It’s always great to gift your dear friend some time to just relax and have a good time without the stress of wedding planning. That’s why you can see the likes of bridal showers, hens night and kitchen tea parties being planned, sometimes by the different friend circles. While the likes  of her high school friend may put together a risqué hens night invitation for a night about town, whereas her office friends and colleagues may want to come up with kitchen tea party invites and her family and extended relatives may want to shower with love so they’ll need bridal shower invitations to let everyone know.


There are many themes that would be ideal for bride-related pre-wedding parties, where as risqué are chosen for hens night parties, chic and elegant for bridal showers, and cosy being the general theme for a kitchen tea party.


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Parties for the Groom

A Groom shower may be too much of a feminine term but essentially that is what it can be. There are many such parties that the groom’s friends and closest kin throw in honour of the groom-to-be. Some of these parties include the likes of “Build-a-bar” bash (which involves gifting any item that would help in building up a bar such as liquor, accouterments, glasses and such), “Around the Clock” party (which involves buying a present for the groom that is relevant to what he would be doing at that time, such as a Keurig machine or toaster for 7am), “Tools for Marriage” celebration (involves either advice or home repair/improvement tools that can be useful in his married life), “He’s the Man” shindig (which may involve the likes of  a road trip, a holiday or even a weekend staying in and relaxing with his best buddies, or something totally fun like a Paintball Tournament). Apart from this, there is the Bachelor’s Party which can involve all these “Shower” items as well as some general fun!

Paintball Bachelor Groom Party
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