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Celebrating the coming of age of your son or daughter is a huge milestone. Deciding on the 21st birthday invitations, the theme for the big day and more awaits. Were you aware of all the 21st birthday traditions around the world?


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Whilst the 18th birthday is often celebrated as it's usually when students graduate from high school and join universities and colleges to further their education, and there is also the 16th birthday when some countries allow the youth to vote, its the 21st birthday that remains a birthday milestone that is celebrated and known for the age often associated with maturity. It's an important time and there's a lot of party planning to go with it. Are you planning it with your son or daughter, or have you decided to make it a surprise? Either way, you will need to decide on a theme and find matching birthday invites.


There's much history and lore behind the significance of a 21st birthday. From coming of age to becoming  a knight to attaining an age to be wed to the significance behind the candles, well wishes and gifts, to noise and the birthday song, the traditions have long since evolved. In this modern day and age, you will find that one tradition that still stands is the "key" significance where a 21st key is handed over to the birthday girl or boy as a coming of age gesture. Whether the key design has been included into the 21st birthday theme with the cake, balloon or an actual replica of the traditional key, there are many fun ways to add a twist to it to make it unique.


While the key is a popular theme, many opt for something for trendy or even a theme that goes in line with what the festivities will include!  If it's a birthday party with music and dancing, then you can look to various colour and design elements to figure out what's best suited. A popular option includes abstract design and pops of colours, whilst others choose more elegant and pastel shades. The 21st birthday invites can match these design inspirations and can even double up as a keepsake if a photograph is also included.

Some other traditions include the birthday girl or boy giving a special speech at the birthday party, thanking all the guests for their presence, well wishes and gifts. In Australia, you will find that there is a tradition or custom where the guests and family as well as the birthday girl or boy will give speeches after the birthday cake has been cut.


Impressive Invitations 21st Birthday Invitations Party Planning Inspiration

No matter what the customs may be, a 21st birthday is one to be celebrated with lots of love, cake, balloons and merriment. Make sure that the 21st birthday party invites reflect of the great time to be had!

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