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Frequently Ask Questions

Q. How can we contact Impressive Invitations?

Impressive Invitations
A division of Carbon8 Pty Ltd
72-82 Addison Road
Marrickville, NSW, 2204
1800 55 22 52 toll free
02 9699 9232 phone

Customer Service Hours:
Monday to Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm EST
Email: info@impressiveinvitations.com.au

Q. Can I purchase invitations if I live outside of Australia?

Impressive Invitations is shipped to Australian addresses only.

Q. How long until I receive my invitations?

Impressive Invitations is a state of the art web-to-print manufacturing facility and has a 1-3 day business days turnaround time for all items. This turnaround time based from approved proof to dispatch, during Impressive normal business hours.

All Australian deliveries are shipped Express Post from Sydney at a flat rate of $15. Delivery times to east coast capital cities are usually overnight, to Perth is typically 3 days, for rural areas add 2 days.

Q. What happens after I order?

After you place your order... You receive an order confirmation email. Within a day, you will receive an electronic pdf proof which has been reviewed and tweaked by a professional graphic designer. Then it is up to you to “approve” or “reject” the proof, We repeat this process of approve/reject until you are 100% happy with what will be printed. Once you have approved all of your printed items you product is printed immediately We will prepare, quality check, pack and ship your order within 3 business days. When we ship your goods, you receive a shipment notification email. You also receive an electronic Tax Invoice via email.

Q. I am in a hurry, do you have a rush service?

Impressive Invitations does offer a fast-track service which can place you in the front of the queue. Prices are as follows:

Standard Print Orders - $30

    • Reduces our production turnaround time from 3 business days to 1 business day

Q. How do I get a sample?

To order a sample pack, you need to click on the design. There is then a button on the page under the design image 'Order Sample'. This will add a generic sample to your shopping cart.

Please note, samples provided are only generic and cannot be personalised. We charge a small fee to produce and mail your samples. We are confident you'll love them so much, that we credit any money spent back to your account for future stationery purchases. Samples are produced and shipping 3 times a week.

Q. How are my invitations delivered?

All Australian deliveries are shipped Express Post from Sydney. Delivery times to east coast capital cities are typically overnight, to Perth is typically 3 days and for rural areas approximately 2 days.

Shipping within Australia is a $15 flat rate.

Q. What if the venue or date changes after I have already ordered?

At Impressive Invitations, we understand circumstances change. If you need to reorder your job, call us within 30 days of your previous order and we will reprint your order with changes at a 50% discount. Contact us on 1800 55 22 52 to arrange.

Q. How many invitations do I need?

The most common invitation mistake is ordering too few invitations. As a general rule of thumb if you have 100 guests, you will need about 60 invitations, or approximately 60% of the total number of guests. We do, however, recommend you purchase 10-15% extra.

Most common reasons why you will need extra invitations:

  • Your parents forgot to invite Aunty Annie and Cousin Mickey
  • You accidentally left someone off the list or decided to invite some extra people
  • If you are handwriting the names and addresses you will want to order more in case of spelling mistakes, blotches, crooked/messy writing.
  • Your venue has charged you for 100 people but you get only 90 "yes" responses – you will want to invite some extra guests.
  • Your partner had a big night, was feeling friendly and decided to invite 10 more people

Q. What is the process if I do need to print extra invitations?

Remember, Impressive supplies a few blank extra invitations and accessories FREE of charge with every printed order just in case you have a last minute addition or if you need to correct a spelling error with a guest name, address or salutation.

Our minimum reprint quantity is 15 pieces (due to paper sizes). You will need to contact us directly by phone to arrange a reprint. As a courtesy, we only charge you what you paid for the original order.

Please note you will need to undergo the proofing process again as well as being charged for freight, this is why we strongly recommend you order a few extra to avoid this process.

Q. Is there a minimum order quantity?

Yes, all items have a minimum order quantity of 15. Please note that the prices fall dramatically (up to 60% per piece) as the quantity ordered increases. We have price breaks at 30, 60, 100 and 200.

Can I add my own photo or image to my cards?

Yes, we can add a high-resolution photo or image to any of our existing shapes and sizes. You would need to email us a TIF, PNG or JPG image at a resolution of 300dpi or more. We can modify one of our existing designs with your own photograph. This incurs a AU$25 design fee payable with credit card after you place your order online. However, we do take copyright laws very seriously, and we will not print any photo or image that is not owned by you, or has been acquired from another invitation company.

Can I have my Guest Names Printed on my invitations?

Yes, we can personalise everything from your invitations and envelopes to your place cards. A service charge for personalisation is $0.50 per item. To get an accurate quote, click on ‘get a quote’ then follow the prompts to ‘Mydesign’. You will then have the option to select personalisation on all stationery items which offer this service and your price will adjust automatically.

Q. What are my payment options?

We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express on the website via a secure encrypted on-line processing system.

Q. What are the delivery costs?

Shipping within Australia is a $15 flat rate.

All Australian deliveries are shipped Express Post from Sydney. Delivery times to east coast capital cities are typically overnight, to Perth is typically 3 days and for rural areas approximately 2 days.

It is advisable to get your stationery delivered to a work address, or where you know there will be someone to receive them.

All sample orders are delivered free of charge in Australia.

Q. Are stamps or postage costs to send out my invitations included?

No, your postage costs to send your invitations are not included in our price. We advise to visit Australia Post at www.auspost.com.au for up to date pricing.

Q. Can I order extra invitations after I have received my order?

Yes, if you need more invitations, just give us a call and we can sort it out. We do require a minimum of 15 pieces for each item when we do a reprint.

Q. Can I cancel my order after I buy?

Yes, at Impressive, we understand circumstances change. If you need to cancel your order and we have not yet printed your items, call us and we will cancel your order and refund your payment immediately.

Q. My stationery does not match my sample…?

Specialty paper varies slightly in colour from one batch to the next. Digital CMYK printing also has slight variances in production colour depending on the ambient temperature, humidity and conditions. To minimise these variances, at DreamDay we calibrate to our control colour every day.

Occasionally, a sample you ordered a while ago will vary slightly from the product you receive. If this happens, or for any reason you are not happy with the colour match, please call us on 1800 55 22 52. We really would appreciate the opportunity to resolve the issue.

Q. What is your refund policy?

Impressive Invitations has a 100% unconditional guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your invitations, please contact us and send your items back to us. We will reprint your invitations at no cost to you or we will refund your money.

Q. What do I need to do to ensure there are no errors in my invitations?

Use our "Proof Read" tool to spell and grammar check all of the text in your order. We also recommend sending your text to a few trusted friends to make sure everything is perfect. Many eyes catch many mistakes.

Q. Can I change the colours to match a specific colour swatch?

Yes, if you have specific colour requirements that are not met by our broad range of colour schemes (over 90 colours), give us a call and we can sort out a custom colour for you. There is a $25 charge to match or customise a colour for you. If you have a sample of the colour and send it in to us, we can typically match the colour closely.

Q. Can I change the wording to suit my own circumstances?

Absolutely - in real time with an instant preview! You can also change the font, the paper type, and the colour scheme to suit your personal preferences. We have pre-worded templates available in many styles on our website to help you choose the correct wording for your situation.

Q. I have found a card that I like but I would like it in a different standard colour scheme. Is this possible?

Yes, we can customise most invitation designs to another colour as long as the colour is available on our website in another design. A one-off fee of $10 will be incurred. For custom designs such as adding images or photos incurs a $25 fee.

Q. What is the Guest List Toolkit?

Impressive understands that creating your guest list is one of the largest hassles about organising a wedding. That's why we have made it simple for you.

Our toolkit makes ease of guest list queries such as

  • Collating the number of guests to the number of invitations. i.e. merge families together so they appear on one invitation per address.
  • Deciding the number of invitations you will need. Adding a few spares as blank lines at the bottom of the spreadsheet may be useful for last minute additions.
  • • Adding names and addresses to the spreadsheet as you get them, right there on the website in your own personal ‘my designs’ file. Make sure you are logged in to your account and click save whenever you add an entry.

Q. How do I get my address data into MS Excel so that the entire 3-4 line address is in one cell?

On a PC press and hold the ALT key and then hit Enter

On a Mac press and hold the CTRL and OPTIONS keys and then hit Enter

Q. How do I send you my guest addresses and names?

There are two options for entering the guest list information:
1. Enter the data directly into our guest list toolkit.
2. If you already have a spreadsheet of names and addresses, or even a partial list, start by exporting our excel template and then copy/paste your data into the appropriate rows. Next, import the data into the ‘our guest list’ toolkit.

Q. Can I use my own spreadsheet in excel and import them?

Definitely, start the process by exporting the DreamDay guest list to get the column formatting requirements and allow you to copy/paste your Outlook or .xls address list into our format. Finally, import the guest list into our system and you are ready to proceed.

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