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Personalise Christening Invitations, Birthday Invitations and More at Impressive Invitations

Impressive Invitations offers you a great fantastic range of invites and cards to leave a lasting impression for all of your events worth celebrating. From baby invitations that includes baby shower invitations, birth announcements cards and all birthday invitations, to bridal shower invitations, hens and bucks parties, christening invitations, as well as Christmas cards, these beautiful creations can cater to your every party and event.

Here at Impressive Invitations, we know how important and special it is to receive a truly unique creation celebrating life´s special events. Browse, search and find your ideal designs, that can all be personalised, and share them with your family and friends. With the selections that we offer, in a multitude of colours, you will not be disappointed. Not only can you personalise the text and wording of your cards and invites, but you can also choose the font facing, alter colours, layouts and even insert your own photo to make your invitation truly unique and special.

With Impressive Invitations, you get the convenience of a 3-day production, before your order is sent to you via Australia Express Post. We also have free shipping on samples and conditional orders, as well as an unconditional guarantee that assures you that you are getting the best and highest quality designs and creations of invitations and cards. We will help you find your ideal design, customise and proof it, bringing your creation to perfection before they are printed and delivered to your doorstep. From photographic cards, to address labels on envelopes, we make sure that everything is in its right place - to perfection - so that you need not worry. With a few simple clicks, you will find yourself with hassle free invitations and cards.

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  • Holiday Party Planning 101

    Christmas is a month away! If you are hosting a holiday party for your company, then there are things to be done! Here’s our corporate holiday party planning checklist to make it more convenient for you!


    Party Planning Basics

     Party Planning Basics

      • Choosing the date of the party is important, however, often you may find that venues are booked out on peak days. Therefore, consider adding weekends or public holidays into the pool of options to choose from.


      • Deciding on the guest list is important to get an estimate on the number so that you can proceed with the venue selection.


      • Finding a venue that is available is hard, especially when you have less than a month to go. Therefore, get cracking and even come up with some out of the box venues that can cater to the wedding guest numbers you are thinking of.


      • Looking for caterers is important and often ratings and reviews are the best way to decide on which to opt for. Ensure that they are able to deliver on your theme and expectations, and whether they are available on the said date. Do ask them about extra services that they can offer within the catering package.


      • Deciding on the holiday party theme can be anything from festive to unique. Take to the internet to look up great and exciting ideas, and put a few ideas together to pitch to peers and have them take a vote on the best theme.



    Holiday Party Menu and Bar

    Holiday Party Menu and Bar

      • Choosing the food service type with your caterer based on preference, budget, guest count and setup.


      • Picking your menu depending on the theme and type of party you are having, whether it’s a cocktail party or a sit down dinner. In addition, meeting with the caterers for a tasting would be ideal when attempting to put a menu together.


      • Choosing the bar and beverages you will be serving. Ideally, you could choose beverages to match your party theme such as champagne cocktail drinks for a White Christmas holiday party.


    Corporate Holiday Party Planning Details

    Corporate Holiday Party Planning Details

      • Hiring the entertainment for the party which can even reflect the theme of the party


      • Designing the venue layout and seating options after figuring out the type of entertainment and food you will be having, against the number of guests and size of the venue.


      • Renting the equipment after consulting with the venue and the requirements of the caterer.


      • Creating a timeline, including when the venue requires you to leave, as well as other specific and important timing factors which you must consider and plan around.


      • Marketing the event by sending out the holiday party invitations, and thereafter getting the word out there and creating enthusiasm including hanging up posters and flyers counting down to the event.


    Image Credits: She Knows, Illumene, Christmas Idol

  • How to Be Budget Savvy when Planning Your Kid's Birthday Party

    Birthday party planning is a one thing, but smart birthday party planning is a whole new ballgame. Making sure that your kid enjoys their special day is important, and sometimes it’s not about quantity but quality that matters.  With more and more news sites reporting on how over the top some celebrities go when planning their kid’s birthday, you may be tempted to follow suit but you don’t have to. It’s time to get your creative hat on and come up with some great but budge savvy ideas for planning your kid’s birthday party. Mix up the venues, themes and entertainment for something out of the box and not seen before. You would be surprised how much fun your kids (and friends) will have without the expensive price tag.


    Parties at the Park

    Kids Birthday Party in the Park


    The great thing about parks is that they usually have a setup for you in terms of entertainment with the park’s slide, climbing equipment and things that kids in the pre-teen age range love. You can DIY or purchase low budget decorations, create delicious goodies, bake a cake, hire a shelter, get a folding table and chairs to make your kid’s birthday party at the park a great one. There are many great parks in Sydney for you to have the party including Bicentennial Reserve Playground at Willoughby, Centennial Parklands Moore Park, Fagan Park Galston, Sydney Park St. Peters, and Wentworth Playground Sydney to name a few. Just be sure to check the weather ahead of time and have a backup plan in case it rains.


    Parties at Home

    Kids Birthday Party at Home


    Just because it’s at home, doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Come up with great games and activities to keep the kids entertained. Forget about the Playstation and Wii controllers; bring back the retro games such as Statues, Musical Bobs, Bobbing for Apples, Treasure Hunts and more that are ideal for both boys and girls. If you are having tiring activities make sure to include some down time with games like “Simon Says”. For girls at sleepovers, you may find that getting them to create their own dress designs using newspapers, toilet paper and aluminium foil is a great way to keep them busy and get their juices flowing. Make sure to hire a babysitter to help out with the party so the kids are always taken care of and supervised. There are certain entertainment companies that bring the party to you, with fun petting zoos, young scientists’ themed setups, and more.


    Parties away from Home

    Kids Birthday Party at Wannabees


    If you are looking for a venue that not only provides a great location, but also entertainment and catering, then you are very well tempted to host it away from home at the likes of indoor playgrounds and centres that cater to kid’s birthday parties. Places like the Wannabees Family Play Town and Cheeky Monkeys Play House are loved by parents as they offer options and take care of every party-planning factor. You can opt for party packages that is within your budget without the hassle of planning and running around to get everything done in time.


    Image Credit: OhJoys, Northland, Wannabees

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