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Personalise Christening Invitations, Birthday Invitations and More at Impressive Invitations

Impressive Invitations offers you a great fantastic range of invites and cards to leave a lasting impression for all of your events worth celebrating. From baby invitations that includes baby shower invitations, birth announcements cards and all birthday invitations, to bridal shower invitations, hens and bucks parties, christening invitations, as well as Christmas cards, these beautiful creations can cater to your every party and event.

Here at Impressive Invitations, we know how important and special it is to receive a truly unique creation celebrating life´s special events. Browse, search and find your ideal designs, that can all be personalised, and share them with your family and friends. With the selections that we offer, in a multitude of colours, you will not be disappointed. Not only can you personalise the text and wording of your cards and invites, but you can also choose the font facing, alter colours, layouts and even insert your own photo to make your invitation truly unique and special.

With Impressive Invitations, you get the convenience of a 3-day production, before your order is sent to you via Australia Express Post. We also have free shipping on samples and conditional orders, as well as an unconditional guarantee that assures you that you are getting the best and highest quality designs and creations of invitations and cards. We will help you find your ideal design, customise and proof it, bringing your creation to perfection before they are printed and delivered to your doorstep. From photographic cards, to address labels on envelopes, we make sure that everything is in its right place - to perfection - so that you need not worry. With a few simple clicks, you will find yourself with hassle free invitations and cards.

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  • Civilised Hen Party Ideas and Inspiration for the Elegant Bride

    If a drunken night out on the town or edibles featuring rude shapes isn’t what you would call a good time, many a bride-to-be have been known to clue in their good friends well ahead of the wedding day so that they are able to respect her wishes with the likes of an elegant and “civilised” hen party. The hen party trend has moved away from debauchery to a demure and classy event for some brides and we have some great ideas for such an event to honour the bride-to-be (and her personality and tastes).



    Elegant Civilised Hen Party Ideas Sydney Brides Sleepovers

    One of the many favourites for hen parties where you can just unwind and relax in the company of your girlfriends are sleepovers! You can make it casual or glam it up, cotton to silk PJs and make it a great time! However, here’s something else you can try out! “Glamping” at the likes of the Taronga Zoo Sydney or Taronga Western Plains promises to be quite the experience that will be memorable for the bride and all the hen party guests.


    Spa Days


    Elegant Civilised Hen Party Ideas Sydney Brides Spa Days


    Another favourite of many a bride-to-be, spa days are a great way to unwind in soft robes, sipping some bubbly as you chat away and pamper yourselves. Choose to stay at a luxury resort and spa such as The Bryon at Byron Bay and pick out one or more of the great choices off their spa menu.


    Thrill of Adventure


    Elegant Civilised Hen Party Ideas Sydney Brides Adventure Activities


    For the bride and her friends who love the outdoors and seek the thrill of adventure, there are many excursions and activities available to them that would be just the ideal choice for some hen party fun! One such item on the list – the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb!


    Music Video Making


    Elegant Civilised Hen Party Ideas Sydney Brides Music Video Making


    If you really want to remember a hen party, make a video – better yet, a music video featuring music from the bride’s favourite artist. Transform the bride and her dearest into celebrities; you’ll get makeovers, costume changes and even choreography! You can even unveil it at the wedding and bust out some of the moves then too!


    Speciality Classes


    Elegant Civilised Hen Party Ideas Sydney Brides Specialty Classes


    There are many brides out there that love a good experience, especially when it comes to learning something new and that’s why there are companies that offer these experiences which include the likes of the following;


    • - Floristry/ flower arranging/Ikebana
    • - Pasta-making
    • - Candle  making
    • - Surfing
    • - Cake decorating
    • - Cocktail mixing
    • - Perfume-making
    • - Arts/crafts/pottery
    • - Burlesque

    These are great ideas to honour the bride-to-be who will enjoy a hen party that speaks to her comfort zone. Stay tuned for more great party planning ideas and inspirations in the coming weeks in this space!


    Image Credits: Fearless Brides, My Ultimate Hens, One Fab Day, Sydney Morning Herald, Easy Weddings

  • Party Planning at Home 101

    Celebrating milestones and moments in your life is well and good from birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers and even just because. When party planning, there are few things you need to consider to throw the perfect soiree at home with a timeline and adding them onto your party planning checklist. One of the first things you should do is figure out the date and time, after which you can let the planning begin!


    Three Weeks Ahead


    Impressive invitations


    Getting the Invitees List Ready: One of the first things you should consider is who you want to invite.  This can help you in deciding whether your home can accommodate the crowd too – in terms of capacity. With cocktail parties, you should invite 20% more than your budget as usually only 70%-80% actually attend.


    Deciding on a Party Theme: While this isn’t mandatory, it is fun! You can decide what kind of theme, and make, buy or borrow the party supplies you will need.


    Sending out the Party Invitations: With the invitees lists and party theme decided, your next step – the party invitations. Customise and purchase your party invites and send them off! Impressive Invitations offers quick turnaround times – therefore you can still stay on track.


    Planning the Menu: What you will be serving is always something of importance. Put together the recipes of what you want to prepare ahead of time and start. You can also enlist the help of family and friends, and as a last resort – opt to cater!


    Enlist Helpers: When you are party planning, it’s always essential when to call for help. If family and friends aren’t available, students looking for part-time work are ideal for the likes of party cleanup (before and after), as wait staff and more.


    Two Weeks Ahead


    Party Planning Glass Hire


    Get your Cutlery and Tableware Out: Make sure you clean them and have them ready, including the lines is ideal.


    Coming up with a music playlist: If you aren’t having a band or DJ, make sure you put some time into getting a music playlist setup, so it’ll last the entire party. The likes of Youtube is ideal coupled with a good set of speakers as a budget friendly party planning tip.


    Get Started on the First Round of Cooking: Get started on grocery shopping, cooking and freezing the most time consuming of items on the menu.


    The Week Ahead




    Cleaning and Setting up: Make sure to clean your home thoroughly. Set the stage in terms of furniture placement. Also, take an inventory of your tableware and label them on the back to know for its intended use. Another thing to note is you shouldn’t forget to stock the bar.


    The Countdown Begins


    Party Planning Setup


    Three Days Before: If you are having a party, especially late in the night, now is the time to inform your neighbours if you haven’t already. Start arranging your decorations as well as setup clean-up stations. Don’t forget to clean out your medicine closet of your personal items and also arrange place in your closet for coats especially in the colder months.


    One Day Before: Now is the time to setup the furniture and tables as per your design. Go out and buy flowers if you had planned to and set them up too. The second set of cooking should also start now as well as any prep for the next day.


    The Day of the Party:  Make sure you leave as little of the cooking to the last day. Give your home a once-over before and after you display the food. Assign time for getting ready so you will be able to greet guests at the time mentioned on the party invitation.


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